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Action Groups

Action Group on International Cooperation

Action Group members:  Nicole Biebow, Vito Vitale, Henry Burgess, Tania Gibéryen, Maaike Vancauwenberghe

Past Action Groups

Action Group for EPB Strategy

At the EPB 2015 Spring Plenary in Toyama, the Action Group for EPB Strategy was set up. Further information will be updated as it becomes available.The terms of reference for this group are available in the EPB Spring 2015 Plenary meeting report.

In case of any queries or feedback, please contact any member of the group or the Secretariat.

Action Group Members: M. Vancauwenberghe, B. Dahlback, J. Francis, J. Dañobeitia, N. Koç, D. Rousseau, R. Badhe and N. Biebow (Observer).


Action Group on Relationship with Russia

The European Polar Board strives to improve the already excellent relations with the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia (Roshydromet), the Russian Academy of Science and the Russian Geographic Society, for their primary role in facilitating the improvement of cooperation in polar science between Europe and Russia and in promoting international dialogue. The Russian Academy of Sciences and Roshydromet are permanent observers in the EPB. In order to implement the dialogue and improving cooperation with relevant Russian organisations an Action Group made up of EPB members was established in 2013.

Action Group Members: Heidi Kassens, Renuka Badhe, Enrico Brugnoli, Naja Mikkelsen,  Andreas Richter, Kirsi Latola, Alexander Klepikov and Vladimir Pavlenko


Action Group on Polar Research Coordination Call (EU-PolarNet)

At the plenary meeting in Lisbon (2-3 December 2013), the EPB accepted and endorsed a concept for a project related to the European Polar Research Coordination Call BG-15-2014. An Action Group (writing team), supported by several additional contributors, was appointed to draft and submit a proposal by 26 June 2014.

Action Group Members: N. Biebow (lead, AWI), M. Tannerfeldt (SPRS), G. Vieira (FCT), R. Azzolini (EPB), Y. Frenot (IPEV), M. Meredith (BAS), D.-D. Rousseau (CNRS), A. Rodgers (BAS)


Action Group on Future of EPB

This Action Group was established by the EPB plenary meeting in Brussels on 4 December 2012. The overall objective is to provide the EPB with future organisation scenarios after ESF closure in December 2015, and to manage the appropriate actions (MoU, call for Secretariat, Executive Secretary job profile and related call) to implement the new legal structure and organisation.

Action Group Members: M. Vancauwenberghe (lead, BELSPO), N. Biebow (AWI), D. van der Kroef (NWO), D.-D. Rousseau (CNRS)   


Action Group on Horizon 2020

This Action Group was appointed at the plenary meeting in Brussels on 4 December 2012 with the task of acting to influence the Horizon 2020 call and of providing EPB with suggestions and documents.  At the plenary meeting in Krakow (15 April 2013), the Action Group on Horizon 2020 was enlarged with two additional members and was opened to further contributors. 
The documents produced by the Action Group are available here.

Action Group Members: M. Tannerfeldt (lead, SPRS), C. Ellis-Evans (BAS), A. Rodger (BAS), A. Richter (FWF), G. Vieira (FCT),  N. Mikkelsen (GEUS) and H. Kassens (DFG) 


Action Group on Polar Infrastructure Assessment

This Action Group was established at the plenary meeting in Krakow (15 April 2013) with the task of updating the assessment of European Arctic and Antarctic terrestrial stations, vessels and aircraft.  The EPB recommended implementing this initiative in cooperation with INTERACT, assuming the INTERACT Station Catalogue published in 2012 as a good database to be integrated with the European infrastructures in the Arctic and also in the Antarctic. In April 2014 a draft document of background, position and principles, and actions was provided by Yves Frenot (EPB) and Terry Callaghan (INTERACT). It recognises EPB and INTERACT mutual interest in establishing a clear and effective collaboration on the production of a European Polar Catalogue.

Action Group Members: Y. Frenot (lead, IPEV), G. Vieira (FCT) and R. Azzolini (CNR) 


Joint EPB/IASC/SCAR Action Group on Memorandum of Understanding

The EPB Plenary meeting in Lisbon ( 2-3 December 2013) supported the initiative of developing a EPB-IASC-SCAR MoU.  An EPB-IASC-SCAR Action Group was established targeted at highlighting concrete issues of common interest. The purpose of the MoU is to foster cooperation between IASC, SCAR and the EPB members, and to define the corresponding terms and conditions in developing international initiatives based on scientific priorities and use of European polar infrastructures.

Action Group Members: J. Lopez (SCAR President),  M. Sparrow (SCAR Executive Director), D. Hik (IASC President),  V. Rachold (IASC Executive Secretary),  H. Loeng (EPB Chair), R. Azzolini (EPB Executive Secretary), Y. Frenot (EPB ExCom Member),  N. Mikkelsen (EPB Member) and  K. Lochte (EPB ExCom Member) 


Joint EPB/EMB Action Group on Arctic Forum

The European Marine Board and the European Polar Board appointed a Joint Action Group to organise the 4th European Marine Board Forum to address future Arctic stakeholder collaboration.  The Forum was held in Brussels on 12 March 2014 and was attended by representatives of 64 organisations, including industry, policy, research performing and research funding organisations as well as NGOs and consultancies.

Arctic Forum report available here

Action Group Members: K.Lochte (EPB), R.Azzolini (EPB), N.McDonough (EMB) and D.Abele (EMB)