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Action Group on Infrastructure

Chair: M Ojeda
Members: P Głowacki, D Mateev, A Quesada, H Savela, J Sorribas, M Vancauwenberghe, G Vieira, V Vitale

This group was initially formed to finalise the European Polar Infrastructure Catalogue and Database. Following the Autumn 2018 Plenary Meeting, the Action Group was renewed with a mandate to focus on improving access to polar infrastructure for the European research community.

Aims and Objectives

  • European Polar Infrastructure Database 
    • Increased functionality and add additional information and features, including automation of updates
    • Improved synchronisation with other databases
    • Sharing of scientific metadata
  • Accessibility to polar research infrastructure
    • Increasing accessibility – gathering data on requirements for access to polar research infrastructure
    • Identify opportunities to harmonise requirements between EPB Members
  • Scoping study on mobile and interchangeable infrastructure in the polar regions
    • Currently existing examples of such infrastructure with EPB Members, potential benefits of such facilities to complement existing infrastructure 
    • Feasibility of developing a network of such infrastructure