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The terms of reference for the EPB Strategy Action Group are:

1)         Develop a clear vision of the objectives and expectations for the EPB Strategic Plan;

2)         Identify the steps necessary for the Strategic plan to be successful and define these steps within a framework of activities, pre-activity consultation procedure, the process to be followed during the activity itself, post-activity consultation procedures and report drafting, and production of final deliverables;

3)         Develop a list of preliminary resources that should be assembled to support the work of the Action Group;

4)         To solicit input from the range of stakeholders in EPB on how EPB is functioning and potential suggestion for the strategic direction;

5)         To create the Strategic Plan and present to the Plenary.


The European Polar Board Strategy Action Group  would like to solicit input from all EPB stakeholders regarding future strategic direction of the European Polar Board. Your views will help the Action Group to develop a clear vision of the objectives and expectations for EPB. Your feedback will form an important input for creating the next EPB Strategic Plan. Please help us by filling out a short form - the last date for providing your input is 31st Oct 2015.

Stakeholder input update (12 Oct 2015): We would like to thank those EPB stakeholders who have already taken the time to give us their input for creating the EPB strategic plan. As of noon, 12th Oct, these were the demographics of our stakeholders who provided us with input.