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Scientific Initiatives

EU-PolarNet: Connecting Science with Society

EU-Polarnet will link European Polar research and infrastructure with global partners, (e.g. AMAP, NSF, CPC), International Polar Organizations (e.g. Arctic Council, APECS, IASC,SCAR), Polar programmes, Networks and International Initiatives (e.g. SAON, SOOS, SIOS, INTERACT, EUAIC, GCW, ICARP-III, Belmont, IPPI). Please follow link for further details.


European Commission project: Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of Development of the Arctic


European Commission project: New operational steps towards an alliance of European research fleets


EPB collaboration with Arctic ECRA: The European Climate Research Alliance

Horizon 2020 flyer

Arctic and Antarctic Science for Europe - The Polar Regions in a Connected World – a challenge for Horizon 2020

Polar Infrastructures Assessment

EPB collaboration with INTERACT: International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic


Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium for Europe

EPB-ESA Memorandum of Understanding

Cooperation between ESA and the EPB members to define the corresponding terms and conditions for the use of European Antarctic Stations for scientific and technological purposes

The International Polar Partnership Initiative (IPPI)

To address the emerging challenges identified within the International Polar Year, a new and novel framework for long-term cooperation between the stakeholders with mandate and interest in the polar regions