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The Arctic Climate Challenge




The Hague, The Netherlands


Save the date (to save the day)

Location: Dutch Research Council (NWO), The Hague

Target audience: Polar scientists, industry and policy officers interested in climate restoration and geo-engineering.

The Netherlands Polar Programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and the Foundation for Climate Restoration will jointly organize a workshop on climate restoration and geo-engineering. The workshop offers introductions on climate change effects in the Arctic and will address existing and emerging ideas for climate restoration. The underlying aim is to explore innovative concepts that could lead to a programme proposals for specific research funding on this topic.

Why this workshop?

Increasing numbers of policymakers, scientists and entrepreneurs are doubtful if present-day actions to combat man-induced climate change will be sufficient. An international debate is now gaining momentum around the central idea that preparing for the worst case scenarios of severe climate change could become reality. Society might urgently challenge the scientific community to develop the means to drastically reduce CO2 emissions to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. The ability to deliver on this challenge could also positively contribute to actions already undertaken in order to capitalize on their full potential for reaching the aim of the Paris Agreement. But reducing emissions alone may not be enough to reach the central aim of the Paris Agreement in time.

Emerging ideas such as geo-engineering and ways to control and internationally govern them, are gaining interest on the international agendas (e.g. UN Environment Assembly, The Elders). As climate change is already taking effect in the polar regions today, applications focused on these areas could become important forerunners. We therefore aim to bring together a national community of scientists and stakeholders interested in exploring climate restoration and geo-engineering in the polar regions to discuss serious opportunities for substantial funding of projects and ideas through private-public partnerships that are presently being discussed.

Further details on the workshop will be announced later by email and on our website. Contact for this workshop: