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SO-CHIC Webinar: Variability and trends of heat, carbon uptake and storage (WP6)

The fifth in a series of webinars for the EU-funded project Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate (SO-CHIC). The webinar is hosted and coordinated by the European Polar Board, in conjunction with WP6 leads, Prof. Dr. N Gruber (ETH Zurich), Prof. Dr. T Kanzow (Alfred Wegener Institute) discussing Variability and trends of heat and carbon uptake and storage (SO-CHIC Work package 6).

About the SO-CHIC Work package 6 (WP6): WP6 quantifies the uptake of heat and carbon in the Southern Ocean and the subsequent transport and storage of these two quantities in the ocean’s interior using a combination of observations and models. Thus, this WP integrates and synthesises the insights and improved process-level understanding developed in WP1 through WP5. We focus on the anthropogenic perturbations of these two quantities, i.e., the so-called “excess” heat and “anthropogenic” CO2 components. The combined analysis of carbon and heat is of high diagnostic value, since they share many similarities, but also important differences. Namely, while the transport and storage of these two tracers are tightly connected, the near-surface boundary conditions of them are very different, leading to a spatial and temporal decoupling. A particular focus of this WP is the determination of the sensitivity of this uptake and storage to changes in the state of the Southern Hemisphere climate system, ranging from seasonal to multi-decadal time-scales. While much of the work will concentrate on the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean, this WP will take a pan-Southern Ocean view as well.

Register for this webinar taking place on 8 December (Thursday) at 13:00 (CET) here: