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EPB Strategy 2023-2027

The EPB's Strategy 2023-2027 highlights the three pillars to the EPB’s work: Coordination, Collaboration and Communication. Full details can be found as a downloadable PDF here.

The Voice of European Polar Research.

The EPB envisions a unified network for polar organisations across Europe to coordinate and collaborate on scientific priorities and communicate as the voice of European polar research.


To foster and advance the coordination of, and collaboration with the European polar research community as the single contact point for communication.

There are three pillars to the EPB’s work, each with internal activities directly supporting Members, as well as external activities for the wider European polar research community: Coordination, Collaboration and Communication.


Serve as a knowledge-sharing forum for members and the wider European polar research community by supporting scientific cooperation and information-exchange in research, logistics and infrastructure in the polar regions.

In order to coordinate European research in the polar regions, the EPB seeks to:

  • Be the hub for information sharing in the European polar research community
  • Be the forum for coordination of large-scale polar science projects
  • Provide scientific policy advice


Foster the strong member network and find synergies with existing and new organisations to identify opportunities and tools for collaboration in flagship polar research projects.

In order to collaborate with the European polar research community, the the EPB seeks to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information
  • Identify timely synergies among EU research programs
  • Provide a forum for discussing research possibilities
  • Continue to value and grow partnerships with relevant international organisations

Promote and optimise communication tools and platforms for members and the research community to encourage knowledge-sharing, provide sound policy advice, and strengthen networks for the next generation in Polar research.

In order to facilitate communication for and with the European research in the polar regions, the EPB seeks to:

  • Support a platform for useful information exchange
  • Promote actions and identify opportunities for EPB members in other organisations and fora
  • Provide instruments to communicate with other Polar organisations
  • Elevate the level of polar activities on a global scale