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Polar Policy Resources

Understanding impacts of climate change on Earth’s vulnerable polar regions (2024)

EU-PolarNet 2 White paper with recommendations to accelerate the development of a sustained and fully integrated Polar observing system (2024)

Sample elaborations, data analyses, results and conclusions from the seagoing MOSAiC and SAS expeditions in the Central Arctic Ocean (2024)

Marine Ecosystem Assessment for the Southern Ocean: Summary for Policymakers (2023)

EU action against microplastics (2023)

Fact Sheet: Environmental Protection in the Polar Regions (2023)

Shifting from capacity building to capacity sharing in Arctic research: Considering transformative
shifts in collaborative research at the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting (2023)

Towards more inclusive and solution orientated community-based environmental monitoring (2023)

Evaluating normative capacity through Arctic environmental governance (2023)

Arctic Research Code of Conduct (2023)

Christchurch Communique: Urging Immediate Climate Action (a statement of concerned Antarctic scientists) (2023)

Roadmap to decolonial Arctic Research - a toolkit to support EU policymakers (2023)

Science Diplomacy in the polar regions (2023)

Antarctica: What role for the European Union? - In-Depth Analysis (2023)

EU research contribution to IPCC working group I on the physical science basis: understanding the changing climate, enabling effective response strategies (2023)

Policy Brief on the Impacts of High Fuel Prices on Polar Research (2022)

Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at Sea-Ice Interfaces - Policy Brief (2021)

EU Arctic Strategy (2021)

Inuit Circumpolar Council: Ethical and Equitable Engagement Synthesis Report (2021)

Finland's Strategy for Arctic Policy (2021)

Plastics and the Environment (Geneva Environment Network)

A balanced Arctic policy for the EU (Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union (European Parliament))

Mapping Arctic Research in Iceland

Co-creating research projects - some personal experiences from Saami Council and Arctic researchers (Saami Council)

The Sámi Arctic Strategy // Sámi Strategy for Arctic Affairs // Sámi Árktalaš Áigumušat (Saami Council)

Resources from the Saami Council

Public consultation for updating EU's Arctic policy

Making sense of science for policy under conditions of complexity and uncertainty (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA))

Optimising the Operation and Use of Research Infrastructures (Science Europe)

In-depth analysis: A Balanced Arctic Policy for the EU (July 2020)

Levels of Law Understanding the complexity of the European Union’s legal Arctic presence (The Arctic Institute) (March 2020)

Ten issues to watch in 2020 (In-depth Analysis, European Parliamentary Research Service) (January 2020)

Walking on thin ice: A balanced arctic strategy for the EU (November 2019)

Arctic: Traditional Knowledge, Livelihoods and Community Engagement Setting the Scene (European Commission) (2018)