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The International Polar Partnership Initiative (IPPI) is expected to facilitate cooperation, coordinate efforts and share resources in order to enhance our ability to understand the polar processes, to provide solid elements for their sustainable development and to provide effective responses to global change.

As stated in the IPPI concept, it will promote research on human and natural processes at the poles and help to identify synergies and effectively use existing resources to address important polar issues of common interest. The initiative will engage appropriate stakeholders and support the activities that are relevant to societal issues and benefit from enhanced collaboration and coordination.

Specifically, IPPI aims to:


  • Create, upgrade, and maintain necessary polar components of observation, assessment, prediction, and services systems;
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary/multiplatform data collection, search and rescue, exchange, archives and access, and related interoperability;
  • Build long-term capacity in communities of polar scientists and practitioners; and
  • Develop a common language and cooperative synergistic relations between local peoples, social and natural scientists, and practitioners.


The EPB shares the concept of a Framework Agreement of key international stakeholders for coordination and cooperation in achieving ambitious common objectives of high societal impact.