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Action Group on International Cooperation

Chair: H Burgess
Members: N Biebow, C Krieger, M Vancauwenberghe, V Vitale

European research in the Arctic and Antarctic is notable for its excellence, diversity and societal relevance, achieved through extensive collaboration between disciplines, institutes and countries. Noting this, the EPB and its Members endeavour to develop collaborative initiatives within Europe and around the world, for the benefit of polar research. The EPB’s activities in this area are organised and implemented by the Action Group on International Cooperation.

Towards greater collaboration in polar research (Arctic Science Summit Week 2019 panel session)

The European Polar Board (EPB) convened a panel discussion session at the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2019 in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The session, titled 'Towards greater collaboration in polar research' was held at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University.

A report from the session is available here.

EPB/EU-PolarNet session at ATCM XLII

Jointly with EU-PolarNet, the EPB held a side event at the 42nd Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Prague, titled “Connecting European Polar Research with Antarctic Policymakers.” The event was very well attended and promoted interest and dicussions between the EPB and partners from other regions around the world.

EPB/EU-PolarNet side event photo1photo2


During ATCM XLII the EPB met with partners from Latin American countries to discuss the work of the EPB and its Members of relevance. A report from this meeting is available here.

Following this meeting, the EPB Executive Secretary presented an introduction to the EPB and an overview of its work at the Meeting of Administrators of Latin American Antarctic Programs (RAPAL) in October 2019. Slides from this presentation are available here.