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Second Southern Ocean Decade Workshop


20.09. – 22.09.2021




In the aim of reversing the cycle of decline in ocean health, the United Nations proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) to globally strengthen the international cooperation needed to develop the scientific research and innovative technologies that can connect ocean science with the needs of society. By gathering stakeholders worldwide, the initiative intends to set up a common framework to ensure ocean science can fully support countries in achieving the sustainable management of oceans across the globe.

The vast, remote and harsh environment of the Southern Ocean means that no single nation can sustain a research and data strategy alone to understand and manage this region. Since the Southern Ocean community of stakeholders is globally unique in its operation within the Antarctic Treaty System, which is entirely based on scientific understanding and environmental protection, it is imperative to strengthen international collaborations to improve scientific and political understanding of this remote region.

The Southern Ocean process
Based on the recommendations in the global Ocean Decade implementation plan, members of the Southern Ocean community set up a Task Force to develop and implement a coordinated, international plan that builds on understanding how human interactions with the Southern Ocean can benefit society in ways that will also protect and conserve the unique characteristics of this region.

To ensure the Action Plan represents the diverse perspectives and priorities of a wide range of stakeholders in the Southern Ocean, we aim to bring together a broad community spanning from the scientific research community to data managers, as well as representatives of the business and industry sector, governance and management bodies. This Action Plan will provide a framework for Southern Ocean stakeholders to formulate and develop concrete activities that support the Decade vision.

Learn more on the Southern Ocean process here: The Southern Ocean Process – Southern Ocean Decade (