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Arctic Research Code of Conduct

The Arctic Research Code of Conduct is now available on the ArcticNet website in both English and French.

The Arctic Research Code of Conduct provides a framework for how research should be conducted in the Arctic. It aims to provide each signatory organization a common baseline of expected and unacceptable behavior in the field environment, including on vessels of any size, at campsites, at field stations, or within/adjacent to Arctic communities.

The idea of writing an Arctic Research Code of Conduct emerged from the will of ArcticNet to promote positive changes and cultural inclusion within the Arctic research community. Based on previously published Codes of Conduct (including the ones produced by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, Alfred Wegener Institute, British Antarctic Survey, National Science Foundation, International Network for Terrestrial Research – Monitoring and Education in the Arctic, and the Beaufort Lagoon Ecosystems – Long Term Ecological Research), a first version of this document was prepared by Pascale Ropars, Lauren Thompson, Marianne Falardeau and Élise Gaia Devoie. The final version includes ideas and comments from 18 Arctic research organizations from North America and Europe.