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ASM3 webinar series: Gaps and Barriers to International Arctic Research

After the successful launch of our ASM3 Webinar Series with an Introduction Webinar on the 21st of October including opening remarks by Minister Lilja D. Alfreðsdóttir of Iceland, we are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the second in the series: Gaps and Barriers to International Arctic Research.

As part of the 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM3) process, we will be hosting a special workshop on the gaps and barriers in international Arctic research. The workshop will be opened with a summary of the feedback received from ASM3 participating countries and organizations covering international research gaps, opportunities and challenges as part of the ASM3 Science Process. Next on the agenda will be a panel of speakers presenting recent synthesis reports on research gaps and lessons-learned from projects that have navigated many international barriers. After the panel, participants will have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions addressing a) data management and research infrastructure, b) education and capacity building, c) sustained observations, d) societally relevant research and e) visas, permits and other bureaucratic hurdles. The breakout sessions aim to develop and prioritize actions needed to more effectively address challenges and barriers to international Arctic research efforts. The resulting prioritized actions will form the basis for recommendations in the final ASM3 Report.

The webinar series is a joint cooperation between the ASM3 Organizers in Iceland and Japan and the European Polar Board

You can register for this event on the ASM3 website.