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Call for AOS 2016 White Papers and Short Statements

The  Arctic Observing Summit 2016 is calling for White Papers and Brief Statements to identify to help guide discussions during the AOS Thematic Working Group sessions. White paper authors may be invited to give presentations during AOS 2016, and a synthesis of white paper issues will inform recommendations and action items adopted at the Summit and conveyed to Arctic Council Working Groups  and other local, national and international bodies overseeing, supporting or carrying out sustained Arctic observations. 

Community input was invited during the inaugural AOS in 2013 and Thematic Working Groups prepared synthesis documents and recommendations for the design and implementation of a system of Arctic observing systems, and to guide future Summits.  Please visit our AOS 2013 link for examples of input submitted previously.

Deadline for White Paper submission and submission of abstracts for poster presentations is October 18, 2015 at the AOS 2016 website: