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Dr. Robert Dunbar to receive the 2016 SCAR Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research

Dr. Dunbar, Professor at Stanford University, California, USA, has contributed many important advances to our knowledge of environmental changes in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean both now and in the past. In addition, SCAR would like to note his particular selfless dedication to scientific investigation, support of early career researchers, ability to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries and the leadership he has given to the SCAR community.

After receiving the news about his award, Rob commented "Wow wow wow! That is my reaction as this is surprise – a really nice one! I’ve always worked in Antarctica as part of a team, sometimes as a team leader and sometimes as a follower – so any recognition for excellence in Antarctic research is in fact a tribute to lots of people and many programs. What makes me most happy is the recognition for international collaboration and for supporting other scientists – at all levels of experience. We have many scientific grand challenges to be solved in Antarctica, challenges that impact the entire world. We can only meet them by working together as scientists from many nations – and by making sure we have the next generation of Antarctic investigators well-trained, well-funded, and well-prepared.”

The SCAR Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research is awarded in recognition of sustained contributions to research over a career.  Selection is based on a person's outstanding contributions to knowledge and the impact of their work on understanding the Antarctic region, the linkages between Antarctica and the Earth system, and/or observations of and from Antarctica. Nominees are welcomed in all areas of Antarctic and Southern Ocean research. A distinguished career in providing scientific advice to policy- and/or decision-makers is also considered a demonstration of excellence in Antarctic research. Awardees should have a distinguished professional career history and have demonstrated involvement in SCAR activities.

Dr. Dunbar’s application, led by Martin Siegert, was considered by an independent medal committee and approved by the SCAR Executive Committee. He will be presented with the Medal at the SCAR Open Science Conference Banquet on 25 August 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rob Dunbar joins a distinguished group of past recipients of this Medal including Steven Chown (2014), John Priscu (2012), John Turner (2010), Angelika Brandt (2008) and Paul Mayewski (2006).

In addition, SCAR recently announced that Dr. Heinz Miller is the recipient of the 2016 SCAR Medal for International Collaboration and the SCAR President’s Medal for Outstanding Achievement will be announced soon. For more information on SCAR Medals, please see

Please join us in celebrating the important contributions of Dr. Robert Dunbar.