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EPB attending the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2022 - Ministerial Event

The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance 2022 Forum, an ocean science diplomacy endeavor, took a place on the 12-14 July 2022 in Washington, D.C. Co-hosted by the United States and Brazil, and supported by the European Commission, the event brought together Ministers and the All-Atlantic Ocean Research community with aim to strength the collaboration between existing initiatives “from Pole to Pole”. 

The main ministerial event was accompanied by side events hosted at several Embassies. The EPB together with EU-PolarNet 2 co-organized an in-person side event focusing on "Polar Research Cooperation from Pole to Pole", held at the Portuguese Embassy in Washington DC. Apart from co-organizing this workshop, the EPB also participated in other side events, and in the Ministerial meeting as well. Overall, the meeting brought interesting outcomes and the All-Atlantic Ocean Research & Innovation Alliance Declaration was signed on 13th of July 2022.

From the workshop co-hosted by the EPB and the EU-PolarNet 2, following recommendations have been developed:

  • A process and a permanent mechanism is needed for ensuring transparency and equitable transnational access to polar infrastructure. (Access to infrastructures)
  • There is a need to ensure that available infrastructures are optimally utilised. (Funding)
  • Identification of stakeholders and ensuring that the right language (and timescale) is used for each stakeholder is important. (Communication)
  • We need to have equitable and inclusive access to the polar regions, ensuring the widest diversity of voices at the table. (Diversity)
  • The polar community shall make efficient use of existing networks, best practices and programmes from the polar regions to further advance cooperation and amplify outcomes and messages. (Cooperation)
  • Successful projects and initiatives produce both data and deliverables that are extremely useful to the community. (Legacy)


Further information about the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance:

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