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EPB & The Ocean Race in the Hague

The Ocean Race is the toughest test of a team in sport – and sailing's greatest round-the-world challenge held every three or four years since 1973. This year's Ocean Race route includes cities: Alicante (start), Cabo Verde, Cape Town, Itajaí, Newport, Aarhus, Kiel, The Hague (HQ of the EPB) and Genova (the grand finale). 

Racing with purpose: Nature has been integral to the Ocean Race since they first set sail in 1973.

"We're seeing firsthand the devastating impact of pollution, climate change and industrial overfishing on our ocean. At the same time we have a greater understanding of how important our seas are, not just to the sport we love, but in regulating our climate and providing us with food, jobs and the air we breathe."

At the Ocean Race they believe that they have the platform to educate, inspire and accelerate action for our blue planet at this critical time in history.

As part of the Ocean Race this year, ETT, a technical sponsor of the Ocean Race, organises several sustainability-themed events together with its partners, including the EPB.

Data are a valuable resource for the sustainable use of environmental resources and for addressing the challenges of climate change. ETT plays an important role in monitoring the environmental situation by actively participating in European programmes for the collection, management and processing of data collected through in situ and remote sensing technologies. This includes EU-funded projects SO-CHIC & OCEAN:ICE that the EPB is part of.

Meet the EPB in its headquarter - in the Hague, the Netherlands

For five days (11-15th June 2023), the port of Scheveningen in the Hague, headquarter of the EPB, will be the centre of The Ocean Race. The port will be transformed into the place where sailing, water sports and sustainability meet.

"Talk to a scientist" on 12th June 2023 from 14:00 CEST in Genova Pavillion at the port of Scheveningen in the Hague. Taco de Bruin (NIOZ), Peter Thijsse (MAIRS), Eva Horovcakova (EPB) and Antonio Novellino (ETT) will talk on various marine and polar research related topics!

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