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FPA2 Campaign 'Two Poles, One Common Future'

Coming with The Polar initiative, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) is taking a more proactive role in polar conservation! The initiative arose with the objective to generate greater influence and impact benefitting the protection of the polar regions. The initiative is built as a four year programmatic effort and targets areas of traditional interest of the foundation and aligns its potential for influence and convening in science, policy, capacity building and conservation action. Action will be articulated around four axes of work, namely:

1. Science-based evidence and knowledge
2. Campaigns to weigh in on impactful policy changes
3. Capacity building through fellowships via SCAR and IASC
4. Delivery of conservation actions through PA2F regular calls for projects.

The 'Two Poles, One Common Future' Campaign presents a call for strengthened action to preserve our poles and our planet. In a series of short video interviews, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation together with its partners in The Polar Initiative - SCAR, IASC and the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco - invited polar scientists and specialists to give a voice to polar regions, calling for a greater protection of Arctic and Antarctic regions and for shedding a light on the benefit they represent for the Planet and Humanity.

R Badhe, Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board also joined the campaign - see the interview below. In the video she talks about polar research, the EPB's work and also the Women in Polar Science initiative. R Badhe explains that "women have always worked in the polar research world", but over the last 40 years they have become all the more active in the field. As R Badhe claims, in order to promote equity and equality, we need to understand the individual challenges of people, which is the first step to becoming a more equitable world.

More in the video: