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IASC Fellows 2016-2017 Announced

The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), together with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), have the pleasure to announce the start of the third edition of the IASC Fellowship Program. During the selection process managed by the IASC in close cooperation with APECS, five successful early career scientists were chosen from over 77 applicants. The reviewers were impressed by the amount and extremely high quality of the applications.

The IASC Fellows 2016-2017 are:
Paul Zieger,     Stockholm University, Sweden (Atmosphere WG)
Alek Petty,     NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Maryland, USA (Cryosphere WG)
Allison Fong,     Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany (Marine WG)
Justiina Dahl,    European University Institute, Italy (Social and Human WG)
Scott Zolkos,    University of Alberta, Canada (Terrestrial WG)
More information about the IASC Fellowship Program can be found under