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Looking North: Perspectives of European Arctic Users

PPP-SERA Open Session at the European Polar Board in The Hague, The Netherlands (Photo: Joseph Nolan/EPB)

PPP-SERA Open Session with the European Polar Board, The Hague, Netherlands, April 18, 2018

Stakeholders were invited by the authors and their colleagues from the Polar Prediction Project's (PPP) Societal and Economic Research and Applications Task Team to the Open Session that was held on 18 April, 2018 with the European Polar Board, at the NWO offices in The Hague, The Netherlands. How does a family-owned sailing venture make use of the currently available weather and ice information in Greenland waters? What does a ship master with long-year experience in Baltic Sea ice operations share about the reality of ice navigation? And how does modern bridge communication need to be re-organized to ensure safe decision-making? Observations and forecasts are just one piece of the puzzle as personal experience and non-environmental factors are playing additional important roles in polar maritime operations.

Further details of the PPP-SERA Open Session can be found on the Polar Prediction Matters blog: