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Mapping the geology of Antarctica

The SCAR GeoMAP (Geological Mapping Update of Antarctica) action group is facilitating an integrated programme to promote the capture of existing geological map data, update its spatial reliability, improve representation of glacial sequences and geomorphology, and enable data delivery via web-feature services.  There has been significant progress in Marie Byrd Land, North and South Victoria Land, Antarctic Peninsula and Dronning Maud Land during the nine months since they first met, details of which can be found in their current Newsletter.  The task is huge - but about 20% of Antarctic rock outcrops have now got some geological representation assigned to them suitable for reproduction at 1:250,000 scale.

GeoMAP will hold their second meeting at the OSC conference (5pm on August 21st) and are encouraging further involvement. Participants are also being encouraged to submit papers and posters to highlight this work under the session 'S20. Observing and mapping the Antarctic continent'.