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Penguins: Waddle we do without them? – Collaborative approaches to polar issues

The European Polar Board (EPB) convened a panel session at the XIIth Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Biology Symposium in Leuven, titled “Penguins: Waddle we do without them? – Collaborative approaches to polar issues”. The session featured a spectrum of experts from Antarctic science, conservation, tourism and art. Panellists discussed their different roles in advancing science and improving policy to increase understanding and protection of penguins, and the wider Antarctic ecosystem. Using penguins as a vehicle for discussion, the panellists identified how their respective fields can cooperated and collaborate for mutual benefit across all polar issues.

The panel, Chaired by Dick van der Kroef (Netherlands Polar Programme), consisted of Adrian Dahood (George Mason University), Meagan Dewar (Federation University Australia/International Penguin Early Career Scientists), Lily Simonson (Artist), Ben Wallis (Ocean Expeditions), Claire Waluda (British Antarctic Survey).

A summary of discussions during the session and subsequent contributions is available here.