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Register now for the next ASM3 webinar: Indigenous Peoples’ Participation in the ASM3 Process — Contributions to Arctic Science and Research

We‘re pleased to announce that registration for the next webinar in the ASM3 Webinar series is now open:
Indigenous Peoples’ Participation in the ASM3 Process — Contributions to Arctic Science and Research, on 03 December 2020, 1700 - 1900 UTC

This webinar brings together a panel of Indigenous Leaders to discuss the upcoming Arctic Science Ministerial. They will discuss the importance of inclusion of the knowledge of Indigenous peoples in Arctic science and research and the important role this has on sustainability. They will provide a background of previous efforts and share their insights around the question “Why is it important for Indigenous Peoples to be involved in Arctic science and research?” Please join the panel to learn about how a holistic approach to Arctic Science builds equity and cooperation in the Arctic. The discussion from this webinar will form the basis for recommendations reflected in the ASM3 final report.
The registration and draft program for this webinar is available on the ASM3 website ( The program is being developed by the participating ASM3 Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations in consultation with members of the ASM3 Science Advisory Board and Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat. The ASM3 webinar series is a joint cooperation between the ASM3 Organizers in Iceland and Japan and the European Polar Board.

The ASM3 Gaps and Barriers to International Arctic Research Workshop held on 11 November 2020, was a great success with participants joining us from over 30 different countries. You can now access the YouTube recording of the workshop including the panel presentations and breakout discussion summaries on the ASM3 website ( Please note, the community survey for the workshop ( will be open until 20 November.  The organisers will take the input from the survey and breakout sessions to produce a final report from this workshop.