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SCAR survey for International Polar Year 2032-2033

From the SCAR website: 

An ad hoc group (of mostly Arctic scientists) is considering the desirability and feasibility of planning for an International Polar Year in 2032-2033, 25 years after the last IPY. This timing is much earlier than the past 50-year gap between IPYs. This acceleration in timing is, at least in part, being justified by the rapid change that the polar regions are experiencing today.

IPY 2007-2008 was co-sponsored and led by the International Science Council (formerly ICSU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). As a thematic body of ISC, SCAR had a prominent role in formulating and promoting IPY 2007-2008. SCAR leadership is considering what role SCAR might wish to play if an IPY were to be organized.

To assist with discussions about IPY 2032-2033, SCAR is asking for your opinion about community support for such an activity. While it might seem years away, the formulation of an IPY will take several years of planning to ensure wide participation and success.  

The survey will close 31st March 2022. 

For the survey and more information: 

International Polar Year 2032-2033 (