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Science Diplomacy in the polar regions

What role can science diplomacy play in the polar regions against the backdrop of climate change and increased geopolitical tensions? German Arctic Office (Alfred Wegener Institute) has released a publication "Science Diplomacy in Polar Regions". The publication is available on the German Arctic Office website.


The polar regions are affected by two global challenges. Firstly, they are the epicenters of climate change and secondly, as a consequence of the Russian war of aggression against the Ukraine, scientific cooperation with representatives of the Russian Federation was frozen, in particular in the Arctic. In the past, scientific cooperation played an important role in shaping diplomatic relationships in both polar regions. Scientific knowledge constituted the fundament of political decisions.

This analysis outlines the concept of science diplomacy and highlights its relevance for the two polar regions, concentrating on the Antarctic Treaty System and the Arctic Council. Finally, the paper explores and discusses the future role of science and science diplomacy in the face of growing global challenges and political tensions.

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