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RV Skagerak will travel to Svalbard in mid-August for a GU project – departing Gothenburg late July / early August

Expressions of interest for two ship-time opportunities:

  1. Piggy-back on the Transit: No cost for ship-time or fuel; costs for personal food and berth only, however research undertaken must be on a non-interfering basis (i.e. no changes to the transit route or significant impact on time). For research that requires some changes to the route or schedule, a fee can be agreed.
  2. Ship day bookings: Either during transit to Svalbard or in waters near Svalbard, researchers can book days on Skagerak to undertake research in any waters south of (and including) Svalbard. The conditions are simple, transit to Svalbard is free, one mob day in Longyearbyen is free and you pay for sea days (day rate dependent on operations – to be discussed). Fuel is additional.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity to use Skagerak in Arctic waters without having to pay the transit costs, don’t hesitate to contact Louise Newman ( or Niklas Andersson ( as soon as possible. Please note - Even if you are unable to afford the full day rate but are able to contribute please contact us, as there are others who are also in this situation and costs can be shared.

See information sheet for more information on Skagerak’s capabilities and onboard facilities here.