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SO-CHIC Webinar: Impact on the coupled climate system

We are excited to announce another Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate (SO-CHIC) webinar dedicated to Impact on the coupled climate system - Work package 5, taking place on 31 January 2023 at 14:30 CET (GMT+1). Please, register for the webinar here:

This webinar is part of the SO-CHIC Webinar series, hosted by the European Polar Board. This Work Package will seek to determine the impact of polynya and other Weddell Sea-scale events on the weather and climate and potential feedbacks on the characteristics of the polynya. Specifically, we will:

1.Investigate the atmospheric response, regionally and globally, to the emergence of polynya in the Weddell sector;

2. Evaluate sources of bias in the representation of polynya dynamics in current and new generations of global climate models;

3. Quantify the effects of ocean – atmosphere feedbacks on the evaluation/characteristics of the polynya;

4. Evaluate the capability of current climate models to represent polynya dynamics, and especially the resolution dependence.

The webinar is hosted and coordinated by the European Polar Board, in conjunction with Dr. David Ferreira (WP5 co-lead) and Dr. Holly Ayres of the University of Reading. A recording of the webinar will be publicly available afterwards on the SO-CHIC YouTube channel: