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The European Polar Board Members at the Arctic Futures Symposium 2022

Arctic Futures Symposium, is an annual conference that brings together Arctic stakeholders in Europe's capital to discuss issues of importance to them. The 2022 Arctic Futures Symposium took place on 29 - 30 November at the Residence Palace in Brussels' EU Quarter, where representatives from the European Institutions, politicians, indigenous peoples, entrepreneurs, business people, scientists, academics, civil servants and anyone with an interest in Arctic gathered for the two days of the Symposium.

Some of the European Polar Board (EPB) Members also joint in the Symposium. N Biebow (Project Manager, EU PolarNet, Alfred Wegener Institute) and P Sköld (Professor of History, Sami Culture, and Society Development, Umeå University) participated in the panel discussion "Arctic Research Cooperation in the Current Geopolitical Situation...and Beyond", moderated by the J Ikävalko (Director, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland), also EPB's member. This panel explored concrete scenarios in which the current geopolitical climate has had an impact on international research collaboration and how the polar research community has been able to adapt to the evolving situation.

E Þ Níelsson (Senior Adviser at the Icelandic Centre for Research, Rannís) participated in the pannel discussion on Arctic innovation that has been developing at a rapid speed these past few years - a discussion moderated by M Q Frederiksen (Director, Arctic Economic Council).

Many thanks to the International Polar Foundation and its Arctic stakeholder partners for organisation of this great event!