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The first Arctic strategy of the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu announced its first Arctic strategy on January 24, 2023.

The University of Oulu is one of the most significant multidisciplinary universities studying the northern regions of the world and giving education about them. The university's first Arctic strategy supports the continuation of the work and focuses on a sustainable and well-being arctic region from the point of view of people, organisms and the environment (see the accompanying figure).

The strategy was created with particularly inclusive approach of preparens. Views and thoughts have been requested and received from a wide range of university members and representatives of collaborating partners. Researchers from the university┬┤s arctic research network have been active, with some 160 at present.

The compilation and formulation of the strategy was led by the university's own experts who have a deep knowledge of the arctic subject area. Professor Arja Rautio has long investigated health and well-being issues related to arctic regions. Research Coordinator Kirsi Latola, on the other hand, has familiarized herself with cooperation in the arctic region.

Both currently also work at the University of Arctic, Rautio as its Vice-President Research and Latola as Vice-President Networks. Both Rautio and Latola are also EPB representatives of Thule Institute (University of Oulu).

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